Laramie/Ameris Real Estate Advisors was established as a U.S. based real estate investment company to acquire and operate quality income producing properties in a limited partnership format for the benefit of its American, and International investors. Laramie/Ameris focuses on acquisition of high quality, and undervalued assets in the $1.5 million to $15 million dollar range assuring the investors maximum yields and minimal downside. Laramie/Ameris maintains extensive networks within the mortgage banking, investment, and brokerage communities across the U.S., and possesses the know-how and disciplines to carry a transaction to its successful conclusion. Acting as the investor's eyes and ears, every aspect of the property is examined meticulously. The principals of Laramie/Ameris have a proven record of negotiating broad base business terms, technical and legal points in order to achieve the most advantageous investment structure. The acquisition decisions are guided by a conservative approach that systematically analyses present and future income streams based on current and anticipated market conditions. Laramie/Ameris' ongoing financial interest in each investment, ensures its professional commitment to each venture. The principals of Laramie/Ameris bring more than 100 years of aggregated experience in the acquisition, ownership, management and disposition of real estate investments. Laramie/Ameris objectives are to deliver investment returns that exceed marketplace expectations while minimizing risk. Our experience, philosophy and proven track record will insure these objectives.