• Preferred rates of return of 9% + per year on capital investment. (far better than current C.D. rates)
  • Preferred rate of return is cumulative.
  • Limited Partner receives 65% - 70% of cash flows above expenses in addition to preferred rate of returns.
  • Upon sale and disposition of property, limited partners receive their capital investment in full (100%), plus any balance of interest owed if any before the genteral partner receives any profit.
  • Upon Sale, and after return of capital investment, mortgage balance, and other sale expenses, limited partner receives 65%-70% of the profit.
  • Limited Liability, and minimal exposure to the investors.
  • Although not guaranteed, at current market conditions, and according to our investment philosophy, and guidelines we are able to provide our investors returns that exceed 11% annually before any gain is realized due to disposition. Many of our currently owned properties significantly exceed this level.
Investment in real estate is serious business, and is not free of risk. In visiting this site we are assuming that you are a savvy investor, or that you have undertaken the task of getting educated on the subject. We strongly recommend that you consult with attorneys, tax experts, IRS, and other professionals in order that you fully understand the risks involved.